Landing Pages For Websites

Landing Pages For Websites

Are you using landing pages on your website to attract more sales leads?  If not, you’re missing a low cost opportunity to convert more leads.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is designed to focus on a single topic, product, or geographic location and ALWAYS presents a call-to-action (CTA).  The point is to make it obvious to the visitor to take some action, like contact your business or buy a product online.  A typically landing page might have a short introduction and sub-text with a contact form, where the introduction asks visitors to fill out the contact form.

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Organic Search Results

Another great thing about landing pages is that they can help you get found in search engine results.  Just as your landing page has a particular focus, you want the content on the page to to match with rich content that will help people find you in search engines.  This is called “organic search results,” and it’s the least expensive way to get found when people are searching for your topic.

Paid Search Results

If you’re planning to use paid search campaigns with Google Adwords or Bing Search Ads, then landing pages make sense too.  Each page can be tied to one or more ads, where the strong focus and CTA give you a better chance of converting visitors to leads or leading them to buy your product or service.

Landing Page Design

Together with the design of the landing page and an obvious CTA, landing pages can be one of the most effective ways to extend your website into a better sales generator.  If you’re interested in how landing pages can help your website, please contact us to help.

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