About plumThumb

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plumThumb, LLC was founded in 2009 to help small and medium sized businesses build deeper, more profitable relationships with their customers. Built on the idea that the best customers are the friends of customers who already love your business, plumThumb aims to help businesses serve loyal customers more often and to generate ready-to-purchase referrals from those same customers.

Our mission every day is to make sure we are helping you achieve that with your business. Most importantly, we ensure that your marketing efforts are coordinated and working in unison.

Now headquartered in Nixa, Missouri, plumThumb offers a variety of programs and solutions to enable businesses to build deeper, more profitable relationships with customers. Starting from initial customer introductions, through trial and conversion, to repeat business and referral generation, plumThumb offers solutions to meet the wide variety of needs of your business.

Jeff Snelling owner - plumThumb website design and hosting Maple Valley, WA

Jeff Snelling

Specializing in building relationships and connecting with people to accomplish common goals, Mr. Snelling has a combined 25 years of working in both a corporate environment and as an entrepreneur. He left Microsoft after 14 years of managing software development teams as a Lead Program Manager. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Snelling was part of a startup company called HavestData (1992-1997), where he was instrumental in building the concepts and partnerships behind a web-based Gardening Problem Solver network, and Boeing (1988-1994) as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Today, Mr. Snelling is very active in local community service organizations, which has reinforced his belief that great things can be accomplished through the power of relationship building. The effectiveness of building relationships, and the impact on finding new opportunities can’t be overstated. The broader and more diverse your network, the more opportunity to connect with people that can help you succeed. Mr. Snelling strongly believes that this is not only true in business, but in life.