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Read Online Reviews

What your online reviews say about your business can be crucial to your success.  Consumers read two or more reviews before making a purchasing decision with local businesses, so it’s important ask for reviews from your happy customers and manage the reviews you may not know about.

Conversely, negative reviews can erase all the hard work you do to please your clients and customers.  With the ReviewPro system, you have a proactive approach in place to generate GREAT reviews, but capture negative reviews before they ruin your reputation.

Negative reviews or comments are inevitable for just about any business, so it’s essential to stay on top of them and respond publicly to show you’re engaged and willing to solve problems.

Who Would YOU Call First?

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87% of people trust reviews online just as much as from a family member or friend.

Local Search Review Management

Local search review management an important part of an overall reputation management strategy for any business.  No matter what business type you have (retail, service oriented, product reseller, or manufacturer), consumers of your product or service will look for reviews before making a purchasing decision.  Through our partnership with ReviewPro, plumThumb is now offering a way to monitor all your online reviews from over 120+ sites across the Internet, plus requesting reviews from existing customers or clients.

Case Study of Dentist

A local dentist had a long-time practice, but their reviews online were sporadic, with an average star rating of 3.4.  Starting with ReviewPro in the month of November, the program was able to increase not only the number of reviews (46 total), but also with higher quality review scores.

With the ReviewPro drip email campaign system and proactively asking their clients for their feedback, at the time of or shortly after service, the local dentist got more frequent and higher rated reviews.  Additionally, with the ReviewPro monthly reports, they continually get a full picture of their review stats from across the Internet.


People trust reviews online just as much as from a family member or friend.

  • Review Capture Page (Mobile Version Too!)

  • Complete Review Instructions for All Review Sites

  • Negative Experience Capture Form

  • Managed Review Acquisition by Our Team

  • Review Monitoring Alerts

  • Website Review Widget to Showcase Top Reviews

  • Social Broadcasting of 5-Star Reviews

  • Email Signature Widget

  • Access to Major & Industry Specific Review Sites

Manage Your Reviews

In partnership with ReivewPro, we give you the ability to monitor your reviews across the Internet 24 / 7 with immediate alerts.  Manage both positive and negative reviews to help you boost your sales.  It’s a proven technique that actively engaging with customers online and in full view of the public is a powerful marketing strategy.  You can see how responding to online reviews helps your business in this study from Marketing Charts, an online marketing analysis company.

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