WordPress SMTP Notifications

By default, Wordpress uses the "Email" field in General Settings to send any system notifications through email.  It could be a form submission, like someone trying to contact you, or it could be a system notification that Wordpress automatically ran the latest update successfully.  In [...]

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Website Check Engine Light

So, I plead GUILTY for driving around with my Check Engine Light on.  When it first came on, it was alarming, but nothing went wrong and my truck seemed to run fine.  So, I kept putting off an Auto Repair Shop visit until eventually, that [...]

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  • Http version 2.0 benefits - plumThumb website design and hosting

Is Your Website Using HTTP/2?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP is what you see when you type out the full path of your website URL (ex:  http://www.somecompany.com).  You might not think much about it when you're typing it, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes when you type [...]

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